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Welcome to Cafe & Ceylon Cuisine, where flavors come alive in every dish, and every meal tells a story of rich heritage and culinary craftsmanship. Nestled in the heart of Australia, Tasmania, our restaurant offers a tantalizing blend of aromatic spices and vibrant tastes inspired by the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

At Cafe & Ceylon Cuisine, we pride ourselves on creating an authentic experience that transcends the boundaries of taste. Our journey began with a vision to bring the diverse and exquisite flavors of Ceylonese cuisine to the world, presenting an array of traditional dishes infused with modern twists.

Our culinary artisans meticulously handpick the freshest ingredients, infusing them with a symphony of spices and flavors that define Sri Lankan cuisine. Each dish is a tribute to the cultural tapestry of Sri Lanka, from the fiery zest of curries to the delicate balance of aromatic herbs in our savory rice dishes.

Join us at Cafe & Ceylon Cuisine, where each meal is a celebration of tradition, flavor, and the vibrant spirit of Sri Lanka. Whether you're here for a casual gathering or an intimate dining experience, let us transport you to the enchanting world of Ceylonese culinary delights.

”Fantastic little hot spot, a wonderful introduction to Sri Lankan cuisine.

So flavourful, loved the egg and fish roll things and the hoppers were a delight both textually and taste, curries and sambals/relish' are marvellous! If you are in the area do your self a favour, treasure awaits you inside! Staff are also wonderful! I will be back for sure. I must try it all!”

Michael Preddy

”Small place with lots of flavour! It’s the first Sri Lankan food we’ve had in Tasmania and we really enjoyed it.

Specifically, the rice hoppers were wonderful and the Vegetarian Curry Plate that came with a few different curries was so full of flavour! My husband enjoyed the fish curry which is made with thick tuna steaks. My young boys liked the cheese hoppers and the egg hoppers. They even have a little mini shop so we bought a few items to taste at home which included a variety of Sri Lanka biscuits.

Also picked up some Ayurveda balm and tea that I’m looking forward to using. With seating for around 10 guests indoors, the atmosphere was quaint and inviting.

However, for those who prefer dining al fresco, ample space was available in the outdoor dining area, offering a charming setting to enjoy your meal.

Jennifer H

”A delightful, cheery but rustic Sri Lankan restaurant.

The food was amazing, it had the right balance between flavour/spices and heat. Very tasty. The staff were very helpful and kind. Simple decor befitting a revamped petrol station site with large outdoor dining area. Would highly recommend to those looking to excite their palate.”

Tahra Rosengren

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